A Marketers primary ability is to have a cut throat research, analysis  and building pure strategies. That’s why we take you through a deep sequence of strategies and necessities of a marketer with a clear cut Instructor-led program and guidance.

Most of the cases, people start digital marketing directly without understanding how the marketers mind set should be. In such a case, they unmistakably lead themselves to imperfections and misdirections.  

So to prevent those mishaps, we designed this course a bit more realistic than video only taught programs.

                  -  How to maintain the relationship with your audience for acquisition and retention.

                  -  How to work on the marketing mix for your business like the 7 ps of marketing.

                  -  How to analyse your’s and your competitors strength, weakness, threat and opportunities through SWOT and Competitive SWOT analysis. 

                  -  How to analyse the trend etc..

What you ll learn?

After coure, what you can do and get?