This Certificate is the third module of the three knowledge modules required for the Level 3 Digital Marketer Apprenticeship. It covers the range of concepts, approaches and techniques that are applicable to Marketing Business Principles, for which Apprentices are required to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding.


Learners should be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of Digital Marketing Business Principles.

Key areas are:

  1. Understands the principles of all the following specialist areas: search marketing, search engine optimisation and Pay-Per-Click, email marketing, web analytics and metrics, mobile apps and understands how these can work together.
  2.  Understands the similarities and differences, including positives and negatives, of all the major digital and social media platforms.
  3. Understands and responds to the business environment and business issues related to digital marketing and customer needs.
  4. Understands and follows digital etiquette.
  5. Understands how digital platforms integrate into the working environment.
  6. Understands the required security levels necessary to protect data across digital and social media platforms.
  7. Understands and follows the required security precautions and procedures necessary to protect data across digital and social media platforms. 

Evidence of lessons learnt in these key areas should be collected and reflected upon when the Apprentice is compiling the Summative Portfolio as the Apprentice could identify how the task might be done better / differently with knowledge subsequently gained.