Course Description:

For digital marketers, learning technical skills isn't easy but necessary to understand how web technology works efficiently to search engines.  This training set will help you to learn basic web components out there, to provide interesting subject knowledge of what is web, What are the website languages, how to understand HTML, CSS languages and how to edit the code into it, how to release the website with web standards, what are the metrics we should focus to optimize the website like expert.

If you’re learning about digital marketing or searching for a marketing job, it’s smart to hone your tech skills. Every digital marketer is concerned with attracting new customers on the Internet, so the more fluent you are in the digital space, much better.

Technical digital marketing skills can help you:

Luckily, you don’t need to be a dyed-in-the-wool developer to make it as a digital marketer. You can set yourself apart from other marketers by working on a few specific tech skills for digital marketers.

This program covers the following chapters:


Chapter WTC1: Understand Computer Operations for Coding Chapter WTC2: Practise Web Design Languages Chapter WTC3: Code & Design compatibility on Different Platforms. Chapter WTC4: Web Components and How it works Chapter WTC5: Website Development